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Coin Laundry Insider Tip!


Common mistakes 

made by 1st time coin laundromat investors!


Under or over estimating

your forecasted financials.


  Under capitalizing.


Lacking the operational 



Choosing a poor location.


Not including your risk 

     factors into your coin 

    laundromat business plan.









coin laundry business plan, how to start a coin laundry business plan


  • Product: Coin Laundry Business Plan 
  • Author: W.B. Hudson
  • Book Format: Paperback
  • Language: English
  • Content Pages: 132
  • Dimensions: 8.5 wide x 11 tall
  • Published: September 2008
  • Priority Shipping: 2 to 5 business days
  • Avg. Customer Review: s
  • Retail Price:  $49.95 $39.95
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A Quick Review:

The Coin Laundry Business is a recession proof business investment- with little or no employees needed to hire - and with a very pleasing laundromat business profit available for you as the owner.

With every Coin Laundromat Business venture - educating yourself on how to find, open, manage a Coin Laundry Business as well as obtaining laundromat financing are the key essentials to gaining financing fast, buying smart, suriving and succeeding,

Become an educated Coin Laundry Business Invester and learn the industry secrets and tips before making costly mistakes, impress the bank, a lender or even an investor to feel confident enough to invest their financial capital into your Coin Laundromat Business entrepreneurial dream. 

Attract Lenders, Investors and the Bank with our convincing Coin Laundromat Business Plan.


Buy Smart, Succeed and Survive.

Now is your best time to get a fresh start.


All the Coin Laundry information and questions you've been searching for in one Easy-to-Read Guide!




Customer Reviews:



I learnt about the laundromat business, opening a laundromat, starting a laundromat, buying a laundromat, coin laundry associations and different resources available, laundromat equipment, laundromat profits, laundromat financing, and what crucial laundromat information I must include in my laundromat business plan.

- Chester, New York (USA)


There was a free sample coin laundry business plan with the laundromat guide. It included laundromat business profits, a laundromat marketing plan and other helpful templates.

- Fulfirn, Melbourne (Australia)


I learnt the cost of a laundromat...laundromat layout..laundromat profits. 

- Rachel, Toronto (Canada)


Quite easy to read and understand. Not a complicated and boring business book.

- Charlie, England (United Kingdom)


Writing a convincing Coin Laundry Business Plan is a great business planning resource. 

- Harcourt, New Jersey (USA)


The coin laundry business book helped me understand how to start a laundromat, how to open a laundromat, laundromat financials, and profit margins, laundromat start up expenses, and also was able to use their coin laundry business plan for my business.  

- David, Detroit (USA)





Start Your Own Coin Laundry Business!

Thinking of buying, starting, opening, and running your own Coin Laundry Business and need a helpful start up guide and/or need a Coin Laundry Business Plan fast and not sure where to start? Well we can help you write a convincing Coin Laundry Business Plan or you can skip the hassle of writing your own and just use the one we have provided!  


Creating a Coin Laundry Business Plan is easier than you think!


Our Coin Laundry Business Plan is easy-to-use with a step-by-step approach that will make your planning fast and simple!

Once you read our
Coin Laundry Business Plan  your knowledge of the Coin Laundry Business as well as your comfort level with the buying, starting and operating process will greatly increase.




We can help cut your time down drastically! 

Just 4 easy steps!


1. Read it

2. Add your changes

3. Print it out

4. Approach Investors/Bank



You can learn:  


·                      How to locate, start, buy, own, open, run a Coin Laundry Business 

·                      Learn how to turn those Coin Laundry investment into profits

·                      How to find a good Coin Laundry broker

·                      Coin Laundry  Business Plan writing do's and don'ts 

·                      Identify and avoid costly Coin Laundry mistakes

·                      Find out what is wrong with most Coin Laundry Business Plans    

·                      How to avoid Coin Laundromat business failure

·                      How to manage the daily operations of a Coin Laundry Business.

·                      Find out what investors really want to see in Laundromat Business  Plan

·                      Coin Laundry Profit Margins , Start up Costs, Coin Laundry Financials

·                      Many Laundromat Worksheets and Templates

·                      Laundromat Financial Projections (Profit & Loss, Operating Expenses etc)

·                      Coin Laundry association, helpful links and resources 

·                      Laundromat franchise, laundromat equipment, inventory, supplies

·                      Find a good Coin Laundry location and evaluate it's potential

·                      and much, much more!

Learn to invest for profit with these powerful resource materials! 




The Coin Laundry Business:

For additional questions, Coin Laundry Industry Tips  to become more informed.



There are so many businesses to choose from. Why should the Coin Laundry Business be your number one choice? See below for some reasons why the Coin Laundromat Business is a solid and attractive investment opportunity:


                C     Coin Laundromat Industry is mainly recession proof

                C     Investment Returns can be as high as 40%

                C     Little or no laundry employees needed

                C     More loads more profits

                C     A basic need in any community

                C     The owner can control all the cash

                C     Little inventory to control

                C     Low manpower needed

                CC     Customers provide the labor

                C     Many coin laundry store expansion - the average coin laundry owner 

                         owns 3 laundromats

                C     People will always need clean clothes for many different reasons 

           C     Market Entry - The need for laundromats are normally in low income 

                         area, where the cost to buy the business/real estate is lower then

                         a high income area






Coin Laundry Business Plan Guided Tour:


Take our "Coin Laundry Business Plan Guided Tour" below to learn more about the: 

Coin Laundry Business Plan Book.